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Yebisu – All Malt Beer

January 11, 2021 – 11:14 am Comments Off

Yebisu All Malt Beer

When the cap is pop?
I didn’t get any hint, maybe some slight flavour.

How’s the taste?
The beer is light but pact with flavour. Slight sour with nice sweetness to it. After a while I don’t get the sour taste, but the bitter taste do came in. Overall the beer is very crispy but don’t have much bubble going after a while. For a 5% ABV, this beer is sure quite flavour full with taste. The more you drink the more you’ll like the bitter taste.

Yebisu All Malt Beer

What’s the colour?
Crystal Golden Yellow.

Yebisu All Malt Beer

How’s bottle the design?
The bottle shape is normal, but the golden sticker do make it look quite nice.

Where to get?
I drink it in Public.

Yebisu All Malt Beer

My Opinion:
Japanese beer can almost compliment the japanese very nicely. The not so overpower taste will blend it nicely with the japanese cooking. The beer make me craze for teriyaki sauce. Have fun trying. Cheers!

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