Lowenbrau Urtyp

February 16, 2021 – 8:44 am 1 Comment

Lowenbrau Urtyp

German produce. ??? Euros, 500ml flip-top bottle @ 5.4% ABV Don’t ask me how to pronounce the name of this beer, I don’t know, nevertheless, I love the design of it, appearance, words, bottle, everything…

Hand-carried into Malaysia by Andy from Germany during his BT there, a bit regret never keep the bottle.

First flip-top bottle beer for me and to be frank, I have this phobia on opening any pressurized bottle, may be due to my job nature, ironically I am a HUGE FAN of champagne at the same time, especially M&C, if I can choose the last drink before I die, it will be champagne, tons of it please and don’t forget to chill them, thanks…

Gave some lame excuse to Andy to make sure that he is the one who release the top… Upon opened, both of us, including his ex gf, C were shocked by the loud popping sound, told you so…

drank straight from the bottle, didn’t do any nosing, mouth-filling, rounded, fruits, berries and malt flavour, honeyed sweetness, medium-bodied, short, hoppy and dry finish.

Love the mouth-feel of this beer, wise choice and thanks dude ! By the way, flip-top bottle is quite convenient, at least you doesn’t need to search for opener like hell.

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  1. Huai Bin Says:

    Me too bro, I have a lot of can openers and corkscrews but I can’t seem to find them when I need it most. Lighters too. They do a disappearing act of me.

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