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Belle-vue Kriek

December 6, 2020 – 10:33 am Comments Off


There is a new lambic beer in town  (pronounced as bellevoo creek). This beer is found no where else except Brussels Beer Cafe in Jaya One. It was 3pm and I had wasted no time in going to Brussels for this mouth watering beer. I have to say that this beer gives me a completely different view about beer and lambic beer. You have to try it to understand what I am saying.

It is a cherry based draft beer and with the open fermentation and morello cherry (yes the cherry we always eat) soaked in it for months or even years, this beer gives you something you would long for.

It was poured into a belle-vue 25cl glass with a three finger head.  The head moderately settled down to a thin covering. It was ruby red and looked really like a thirst quencher.

The nose had a very strong fruit and cherry smell and something was telling me that it was going to be sweet instead of the normal lambic I try, maybe because of the fruit.  I was not surprise at all with the redness in the body gave me such smell.

TASTE – The first gulp into the head and the beer was really amazing.  This is a beer that the nose and the mouthfeel blended together perfectly.  The bubbles brought the taste right through my mouth, straightaway giving it a deep cherry flavour and tart feeling.  It ended up with the acidic taste like all lambic, but again the tart taste wraps it up.  I actually do not like too much of the tart taste.  There was no sign of malt or hop just for the record.

bellevue-kriek with mussels

OVERALL, it was a great drink, am still surprise that lambics could taste this good.  I love beers that smell and tastes the same.  Anyway, It went really well with the mussels and sausages.  I think this drink goes superb with food.  Good food, good beer… could not ask for more :).  Will recommend it to first time drinkers (whether beer or lambic).


It is  only at Brussels-Jaya One and it costs RM16 for half a pint (250ml)… by the way, you can’t just have one :)

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