The BLUE GIRL In Hong Kong

December 1, 2020 – 11:28 am 1 Comment

Not exactly sure whether you boys and girls watch HK TVB productions; but the beer product placement  in one of the series had strongly captured my attention and as a result… gave me an urge to try it while I was on a trip to HK – It was the Blue Girl (藍妹啤酒).  I bought it from one of the HK supermarkets “Wellcome” for about HK$9 (RM4); which is actually freaking cheap for an imported pilsner beer.

Product Placement TVB

One of the scenes in a TVB series – Blue Girl product placement

You can pretty much find it everywhere in HK especially in seafood restaurants; and despite being implied as a premium German import, the liquid is actually brewed by Oriental Brewery Co. Ltd in Seoul, South Korea.  Yes, the same brewery that produces OB Beer and surprisingly there were evidently some similarities in terms of taste for both OB and Blue Girl.

Blue Girl Lager Beer (500ml Can)

Blue Girl Lager Beer (500ml Can)

Taste-wise was sweetly refreshing with a moment of crisp sensation (upper moderate carbonation) in the mouth.  It’s generally a light beer with 5% abv that has a tinge of citrusy and malty character – would recommend having this with your typical Chinese meal. I would reckon it’ll be just right if this beer was parked slightly below the other bigger brands such as Carlsberg and Tiger if we were to place it into our local markets.

I’m just wondering if any local brewers might consider getting this type of food beer into our Malaysian market since most Malaysians do live to eat! So… would you actually give it a go? XD

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  1. ahhup Says:

    blue girl used to german owned if I am not wrong (need to check, I read it from a book, now the book is not with me), super famous in HK, Hong Kee like to have it with steamboat, or known as hotpot in HK, exactly like the TV show in the picture, but one thing about HK commercial TV, is that they don’t give free advertisement, so confirm the seesion of the show is sponsored by blue girl, ha…

    Btw, about this beer, it behave just the way it should be, nothing much, nothing less, not bad…

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