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Carlsberg Gold

January 12, 2021 – 8:18 am 12 Comments

Carlsberg Gold

Bought from Giant Supermarket Penang Plaza. RM5.59, 325ml @ 5% ABV.

Carlsberg Gold is a re-launch of the Carlsberg 160th Anniversary Brew commemorative quality beer introduced 2007.

Long I had seen the advertisement about this beer but never get to try it so far because it (was ?) not available in Singapore, may be it doesn’t pass the AVA Singapore?! Had this with Andy during holiday Nov 2008.

It’s inspired by a 19th century recipe which uses 3 different malt (crystal malt, brown malt and lager malt), double brewed and blended (culmination of two different brews, blended by master brewer and then matured together in a tank to marry their flavours and aromas). Blended whisky I know, but vatted and blended beer?! I’m drooling now… slurp, slurp…

For the benefit of those who not so sure about beer’s ingredient, crystal malt, lager malt and brown malt aren’t something from Planet Mars, they are simply malt roasted into different degree of finish, ranging from non-roasted to heavily roasted and burnt. crystal malt will be on the top of the chart whilst brown malt will be some where pass the mid mark. Brewer’s rule of thumb, the lighter finish of malt, the fruitier, the heavier roast, the stronger in flavour, toffee, chocolate, caramel…

Drank straight from bottle. Fruity, plum, light limey note. Richly malted (wow!), toffeely sweet, hoppy flavour. Medium-bodied (double wow!). Smooth and hoppy finish which ended quickly. Not Bad for a pre-dinner drink.

Carlsberg had been my all-time favorite when come to ‘flavour & quality/price’, and YES! I am not drunk at the point of writing this, but it’s only TRUE IN MALAYSIA, not in Singapore, solely due to the pathetically bias of duties between local brewed and imported. I’m left with not much choices.

The main different between the normal version of Carlsberg with the Gold is it’s richer flavour and fuller body. Which I really fond of it, recommended !

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12 Responses to “Carlsberg Gold”

  1. Yan Says:

    Hey there,

    Nice blog you have here yourself ;)

    It’s interesting, you only write sorely on beer?


  2. kennhyn Says:

    This is my favourite Carlsberg rite now! I like the crispy light taste, remind me of Carls which they stop produce a while back…. cheers!

  3. Yan Says:

    I find Carlsberg as too sweet (at least for me).

    I’d rather go for Tiger ;) (oppsss)

  4. .n!ccO. Says:

    yaa..that wat i’m talking about…
    Carlsberg 4 Life baby..!!aHakxp

  5. Tom Says:

    Stumbled on your site when looking for some Carlsberg Gold Pictures for my website. First time I tasted Carlsberg Gold (Sort Gold as it is called in Scandinavia) was back in 1992 on a Ferry between Malmo and Copenhagen. And it right away became my favourite beer. Since then Carlsberg Gold have always been one of the beers I have been drinking. Sadly it was not available when I moved to Singapore, but it is now.

  6. kennhyn Says:

    Carlsberg Gold was introduce to Malaysia market last year, after more then 15 years in your country. It was only introduce to S’pore this year. As long as you can find your good beer. Cheers!

  7. eksk Says:

    the 160th anniversary batch was good.. even better than tiger . calsberg gold is but an imitation of that batch.. it taste like tiger … i;d rather drink tiger…

  8. UniqueBrewers Says:

    Should have tried Special Brew…The kick in is real hard core. Try it and give a comment on it.

  9. kennhyn Says:

    Special Brew is not my type of beer… don’t like that kick, the beer is not balance just purely for the kick of heavy alcohol taste. Nothing too impressive and make a wrong impression.

  10. UniqueBrewers Says:

    That’s right but I didn’t see any review on it :) asking for review about this hard core beer.

  11. kennhyn Says:

    Highly not recommended… I try to review beer that r worth while… haha, the only thing I can compliment on Carlsberg Special Brew is the packaging.

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