Achel Blond

January 25, 2021 – 10:13 am No Comments

Achel Blond 8°, 8% ABV

Type: Trappist,  Strong pale ale
Origin: Belgium
Tried: 12th NOV 2009, dinner
With: mussels in white wine


i like this maybe a little less than I liked the Westmalle dubbel, but both fall under the easy to drink category. And it went greeeeaaaattt with the mussel (thanks for the mussel +beer tip beer steward).

it’s blond, medium bodied, a bit or a harder head but still OK and was very easy to drink.

the problem with easy to drink beer is often that it is usually unremarkable. Much like my beloved Kölsch  but often at the end of the day, you might just want sit back and enjoy a simple nice beer with some food. And while “exciting beer” is exciting.. easy to drink beer goes well with just about everything and although limited in the range of it flavour.. it is just pleasant company.

would be suitable for most climate and most food :D


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