Westmalle Dubbel

January 18, 2021 – 11:12 am 1 Comment

Westmalle Dubbel  7% abv

Type: trappist, brown beer
Origin: Belgium
website: http://www.trappistwestmalle.be/
Tried: 13th NOV 2009, dinner
With: fried noodles aka mee goreng


This is my last review for sometime on the trappist as now I have finished all 6 bottles I have at home, thank you for following my journey so far. And next time, it will be on other beers :P

To start: I like this. I don’t mean to sound mean (and no disrespect to Belgium) but this beer is like the country “Belgium”. It is a nice country no doubt but unremarkable by itself and most people just stopover before heading to somewhere else they want to be. :/

This beer is fine, easy to drink. Has just the right texture of not too thick but has the ommpphh.. it has a nice body which is no offensive in taste or smell and a nice head when you pour it and smoothness when you drink it. In fact it is very nice.. it is just not remarkable.  But it is nice enough that I could drink it all day.

There is a more limited range of flavour in it.. and in this aspect the Trippel might inspire more “passion” but personally I like the dubbel more.

It feels as if it will be flexible with all kinds of food… even my humble fried noodles washes down well with it.. Extremely pleasant.. would work best in colder weather and would go well with most food. :D what’s not to like?


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  1. kennhyn Says:

    how’s the taste, is it sweet, malty or bitter?

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