Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale

November 23, 2020 – 11:00 am 1 Comment


The name itself sounds interesting. Even more interesting comment on the bottle itself, says .. Dogs have it figures out. They sleep all day, lick themselves and eat everything but veggies. Be like the more enlightened species in your house by sipping this classic Pale Ale with its perfect balance of smooth malt and crisp hops. It’s so good, you’ll want to lap it up like your hound laps up toilet water.

Be the enlightened species by sipping away the Doggie Style Pale Ale…let me try be the ‘enlightened species’ now.

DSC_0513 (Large)

This classic Pale Ale has abit sweet malt and citrus hops aromas when pour out into the glass. Try to smell out from the bottle, not strong as Duvel.

Poured out to the glass, shows golden amber, with a little frothy white head, which quickly dissipate into the beer.

Taste wise, I figured citrus like taste, a little bit of bitterness and dry which lingers around. Smooth and easy to drink, a bit tad watery if i should add, with 5.5% ABV, a little carbonation, easy to go down.

DSC_0512 (Large)

I got this from Beer Paradise at Makati City, Manila. Not sure if you can find in here in Klang Valley.

My verdict, I had Duvel couple days before, and I felt, Duvel is better in term of aromas and taste wise, however, Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale is drinkable, but nothing to shout. It is a good beer though, as the bottle quote Hunter S. Thompson, Good people drink good beer.


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  1. kennhyn Says:

    The head look a bit sad. I expecting some head from it. Carbonation looks alrite. Maybe is the wrong glass to try the Pale Ale.

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