Angkor Beer

December 8, 2020 – 8:18 am 1 Comment

During my recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, there are 3 things which I must talk over and over, Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap and Angkor beer.  Again, I would like to pour out my sorrows to the public as i could not compare a local beer with Angkor beer as we could not proudly say it is 100% malaysian beer. Nevertheless, we still hope it will come through one day.  The can of beer and bottle was fantastic, but the draft was a little bit of the mark as compared.  The can was 320ml and the bottle 660ml.The lager was 5% abv and it was a lager.


Can/bottle – My first time drinking it was off the can as the glasses at the shop had a smell… you know what i mean

Draft – the next time was good, there were a lot of big bubbles and a good head.  However, it dwindled down very quickly


It has a crispy clean smell. Not much to comment about as it is just like any macro lager style.


CAN & draft- Something different and I am surprise that i loved it. There was difference between the draft and can.  In the can, You will be able to get hint of malt yeast and hops. Although the light taste may not be comparable with other beers, it is a job well done. There was a much flatter after taste but the initial taste really surprised me. As said earlier the draft was just a little too watery and I did not get much taste of beer


You will not miss this design as you will see angkor wat there


Definitely in Cambodia.

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  1. kennhyn Says:

    I sure will try it next time I’m there in angkor….haha imagine malaysia got klcc beer…haha

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