Tetley’s English Ale

September 21, 2020 – 11:49 am No Comments

tetley's english ale

When the beer is serve?
Not much smell. Just some faint hint of light floral.

How’s the taste?
The first taste is a bit diluted. Only when the beer when trough your throat that you feel the slight sweetness with nice floral finish. The bitter front sweetness will come as you drink along. Nice upper head. Can find some malty flavour in it. The after taste is good too.

Tetley's English Ale

What’s the colour?
Light redish transparent.

How’s the glass design?
Nothing much to shout about.

Where to get?
Drank this beer at The Library at e@Curve

Tetley's English Ale

My Opinion:
I still think Kilkenny taste nicer then this beer. I don’t like the diluted taste in the begining of the drink, too blend. I do like the floral refreshing but only come later of it.

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