Connor’s Original Stout

September 14, 2020 – 11:41 am 5 Comments

connors original stout

When the beer is serve?
Some Roasted Smell

How’s the taste?
The tick foam is quite nice, while the cold chill beer smooth flowing through your mouth. The beer have good head with slight sweet aroma, something like cherry roasted with light floral aroma. Heavy body with some end bitter. Not much after taste going on.

connor's original stout

What’s the colour?
Solid dark brown towards black.

connor's original stout

How’s the glass design?
Nothing much, almost quite similar with Guinness, only different label.

Where to get?
I drank this in The Library at e@Curve.

connor's orginal stout

My Opinion:
I find this stout is nicer then Guinness, with slight sweetness that give the edge against it’s rival.

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5 Responses to “Connor’s Original Stout”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Agreed, I found this is one of the nice stout tested… :)

  2. Rish Says:

    Had this at Brussels. Got to say was dissapointed with the knowledge of the workers. One guy said it was from Scotland, another from Ireland. The taste was quite light and very malty. Definitely a new direction in stout but not one I’ll be heading in. I like my stout creamy and thick. If I wanted light, id get a hoegaarden. Not to mention I can’t find anything about this beer.

  3. kennhyn Says:

    Not only you, I can’t find any info about it too. Carlsberg is the one who bring in the brand. Maybe is a re-brand of Royal Stout… haha

  4. Kitty Says:

    agree with Rish and kennhyn… can’t find anything about this ‘foreign sounding’ stout… could indeed be a high-class named Royal Stout lol

  5. kennhyn Says:

    Connor’s actually produce in Malaysia for Malaysia market only. Can’t find it anywhere else. create to fight Guinness in certain way.

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