Gaffel Kölsch

November 24, 2020 – 8:00 am 7 Comments

If your language is named after a beer, your people really like beer.  Well Kölsch (pronounced as koelsch) is a language and a beer… and if i am not mistaken, the beer came first… now we are talking beer.  And it is one of the best beers around.. a must try when you are in Germany.


The picture speaks a thousand words, had a big head but dwindled down quite quickly, bubbles were coming up quick. Surprisingly, the right glass to pour in was the glass you see


It has a crispy clean smell.


Fruity, hoppy, a bit malty…. i think there lots of taste in this glass of kolsch…. somewhat well balanced


i think it has a really cool design.  Something i would recognised right away from afar


Cologne… yes you definitely will get it there

just in case you were wondering about the pretzel… it was very salty.  It did not go well with the beer i had.  I think this beer would go nice with light food like salad, steam fish … should be able to complement it!

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7 Responses to “Gaffel Kölsch”

  1. kennhyn Says:

    I try to find see can get it in Malaysia or not, will be quite surprise if I can find it here, how bout singapore, can find in singapore??

  2. cumidanciki Says:

    so, instead of saying, mind your language, you could say , mind your beer! wow… these people really do love their beer;P

  3. kennhyn Says:

    if PJ create their beer, local will drink their PJ beer too…haha!!!

  4. » Blog Archive » » Blog Archive » Gaffel Kölsch Says:

    […] Surprisingly, the right glass to pour in was the glass you see. Smell. It has a crispy clean smell. Read more […]

  5. adelaine Says:

    hahaha.. happy to see u found Kolsch :) I prefer the dom brand or fruh.. try also Altbier , a wee bit like Kilkenny.. nice stuff when u r in germany!

  6. kennhyn Says:

    We wish the whole beerbeer gang can come to Germany to enjoy the bier there, even better to go to Oktoberfest, need to find sponsor, maybe should find the German Embassy!

  7. Suresh Says:

    You can get kolsch in singapore. Had it in Brewerks. It was definately the better beer there by far. The beer complimented the burget pretty well.

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