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November 17, 2020 – 8:18 am 6 Comments

When you are in Belgium you have to try their lambic beer.  Love it or not, this is a beer you must not miss.  Sad to say, I still have not loved this beer as much as i do.  Now Lambic beer is a very distintive type of beer brewed only in Pajottenland, Belgium.  Instead of using brewer’s yeasts, they use spontaneous fermentation which means that the wild yeast and bacteria will be its yeast.

The most distinctive taste is the sourish taste. It should be best with desert I guess.  To me it may serve like a desert wine.  So back to the Mort Subite I bought in Belgium.


I bought it from a beer shop and manage to get only a small glass…


A sourish smell with a hint of berries


Taste: It starts off slightly sweet and malty with some hoppiness, then finishes with sour raspberries. Great champagne like carbonation.

The one thing about lambics is that almost everyone likes them. Even though they are heavily hoped, generally, they are not bitter. They tend to be sweet and sour with fruit flavours. Even Gueuze, which is an aged lambic sans the fruit, is very drinkable. The refreshing quality comes from the balance of sweet and sour in the beer.


 Surprisingly you can still note the hops in it but it ends up being sourish.  But the bubbles or carbonation was really good


I think it looks more like a wine bottle.  People in the lambic beer business must do something about this design


Belgium… thats  all i know so far :)

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6 Responses to “Mort Subite – Lambic”

  1. CJ Says:

    Well.. Russia is famous for its vodka but there do brew local beer too, you know :)

  2. kennhyn Says:

    any good beer in russia?

  3. MJ Says:

    stolichnaya! don’t we all love em Kenny!

  4. kennhyn Says:

    don’t worry, this thursday I will post up something use for vodka, beside making me drunk….haha

  5. cumidanciki Says:

    I had not heard of lambic before this. thanks for the write up – very educational! sourish eh.. i think i prefer mine a little sweeter. I do love irish beer though!

  6. kennhyn Says:

    Irish famous for their stout. by the lambic is another type of beer that belgium produce. So far I don’t think u can find it in Malaysia. But if you are in oversea, u can sure try it.

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