Bavaria 8.6

November 10, 2020 – 8:20 am 5 Comments

When the cap is pop?
Have a strong alcohol smell with light malt taste

How’s the taste?
Very strong alcohol, not much of after taste. Fizzy with light sweet aroma follow by bitter taste. Do warm up your throat when you stop drinking. Is too strong for normal beer drinker. In the beginning I really hate the taste, after a while the taste do flow in. Not really that impressive but it sure give a very good kick. Have a very fine bubble. The overview is more like water with taste of alcohol. With the ABV of 8.6%, is strong for beer. 

What’s the colour?
Dark yellowish orange, with see through clearness.

How’s the design?
Can design don’t have much to shout about. 

Where to get?
Some friend buy this from getting for me to do review. 

My Opinion:
Not too sure why is it called bavarian as the beer came from holland. The burp up smell is awful. Not many strong ABV beer taste good, this is sure not one of it. But when drinking this beer, I thinking of eating “lok lok” (steamboat). Maybe it goes well together.

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5 Responses to “Bavaria 8.6”

  1. MJ Says:

    Do not think i will try these sort of beers

  2. kennhyn Says:

    you can sure skip this one, I won’t try it again…haha

  3. Pakna Says:

    Dude…Its Awesome……I like its taste as well as pinic its gaving me rigt now.

  4. bowo Says:

    this beer is great.i just come back from france, and always drink this beer there.where i can get it in malaysia?

  5. kennhyn Says:

    can find it in a lot of Chinese Medicine shop…. sometimes u can get it in Jaya Groccer if u r in KL. Cheers!

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