Kilkenny Draught

September 7, 2020 – 12:18 pm 1 Comment

kilkenny draught

When the beer is serve?
Didn’t smell anything special, have some light flavour.

How’s the taste?
The tick foam is quite nice, something like Guinness stout. Light bitter taste, slight sour taste. The beer do give a good after taste, slight floral aroma. Is quite refreshing and easy to drink. Not much bubble movement, but do have a lot of bubble on the glass. The taste can match with food easily.

kilkenny draught

What’s the colour?
Light redish transparent.

How’s bottle the design?
The dark green label do look nice, but of course it did remind me of Baron.

Where to get?
A lot of pub in Malaysia do sell this beer. Most english and irish pub sells damn.

kilkenny draught

My Opinion:
The beer is nice, is an ale which have a bit more body and taste compare to the normal lager. Is a nicer beer to chill also as it’s not as thick as stout and not as light as lager. Can be easily found in most english or irish pub.

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  1. vinny Says:

    aahh…my favorite!

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