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Barbican: My First Non Alcoholic Beer

August 24, 2021 – 12:34 pm 20 Comments

My friend said going to bring me for some non-alcoholic beer, which I was quite excited. As I always wanted to try it and here comes the opportunity. He bring me to a place in Ampang, KL – which are happening for smoking Shisha and middle east food.

barbican Non Alcoholic Beer Lemon Flavour

So I order my first non-alcoholic beer “Barbican” isn’t it sound like (babi-kan). Either way, I was excited when the bottle came, but totally got turn off when they give a small glass full with ice and straw. At least if I going to drink non-alcoholic beer, at least the glass can be something look alike.

barbican Non Alcoholic Beer Lemon Flavour

Never mind that, I twist the bottle cap I smell a bit of light citrusy sweet smell which reminds me of shandy. Once I pour, not only the drink don’t have the character of beer it’s not even shandy.

barbican Non Alcoholic Beer Lemon Flavour

I turn behind the bottles and read the ingredient.  They have the basic stuff like malt, hops and water to make beer, but the rest of the stuff is more like soda water content. Then for sure this is not the non-alcoholic beer I’m looking for. The lemon flavour just make the drink like normal shandy without the alcohol. Since it was made in Dubai, I doubt the drink went through any fermentation, which I doubt the hops have much character in the drink.

barbican Non Alcoholic Beer Lemon Flavour

The drink is just sweet, lemony soda water. Even the bubble don’t have the character of beer. Some told me to order the original flavour which they were out of stock that day, which said taste much more like beer. Never the less, I will still continue to look for non-alcoholic beer which are good to drink. Many told me to go for Japanese brand. I should try the next time if I spotted one.

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20 Responses to “Barbican: My First Non Alcoholic Beer”

  1. Shaun Says:

    hmmm.. never drink root beer before then

  2. adelaine Says:

    mm.. would it just make more sense to drink soda(soft drinks) if alcohol in not included? instead if Guinness drink Malta or something.. i can’t fully understand the whole idea of non-alcoholic beer.. non spicy tom yam or vegetarian food made to look like fake meat.. mm.. :P

  3. vinny Says:

    for drivers need to be alcohol-free to drive other drunkard back home, but still want the malty wheat corn flavor in his drink? but yeah…this soda kinda beer is the watered-down version of the better non-alcoholic beer…which taste very little difference from the alcoholic beer..happy hunting!

  4. Adeeb Says:

    nice website you have
    how you make it alcohol free ?
    do you cock it like normal beer so that you dont have alcohol
    thx alot

  5. kennhyn Says:

    Non alcohol beer, from far I know doesn’t exist if go by fermentation way. But new technic from GranMalt have create almost similar to lager beer while maintaining the flavour, minus the alcohol. You should search for GranMalt for more details.

  6. Rafi Says:

    Amstel or Bavaria
    I live in Holland
    they have good beers non alcaholic

  7. kennhyn Says:

    too bad in Malaysia we got not much choice.

  8. bK Says:

    Bavaria can be found here in Malaysia. Try and look around Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman in KL. I have seen a few places carrying that brand.

    Happy Hunting =)

  9. kennhyn Says:

    bK, I can find bavaria anywhere, just can’t find non-alcoholic beer that taste like beer. U can even get Bavaria in chinese sundry shop.

  10. mie Says:

    hai bk,can u give me specific area around jalan TAR….pliz email me,[email protected]

  11. mctm Says:

    Try Delster, its from Iran.

  12. kennhyn Says:

    have one in my fridge, had yet to try.

  13. abu1991 Says:

    who want to order barbican drinks…. RM60 per carton (24 bottles) cheaper than at restaurants and shops…. buy more price will drop…it depends…

  14. sally Says:

    hai abu1991…i like to order around

  15. Marie-H Says:

    Definitely go for the Japanese ones or even if you have a way, try a Lebanese one ( I have tried those, even got addicted a bit in the world cup.
    I haven’t tried Barbican but I can see from when it was poured that it doesn’t look like beer.
    Original-flavoured malt beverages are disgusting.

  16. kennhyn Says:

    so far I haven’t try any non-alcoholic beer that taste like beer. If I see any new one I will try, that’s my interest… haha, cheers!

  17. Azwan Says:

    Barbican is a type of beer, even though the manufacture claim it as non-alcoholic beer, but in recent days, Malaysian Religious Dept claim their research found out about 0.5% level of alcohol exist in this drink. So please stop claiming it as halal. Otherwise the manufacture have to clarify or deny.

  18. pakli Says:

    Hey Azwan. Dont make any assumption. JAKIM never told barbican have 0.5% alcohol. Plz dont make people confuse. JAKIM will announce what brand that have 0.5% alcohol today. Just wait if it really barbican or another brand. Harian Metro just published that barbican have Halal Certificate

  19. jomar Says:

    it can be drunk if i drink a lot of barbican malt?

  20. jomar Says:

    if where you guys..!!!!let’s get it on….lest drink until we drunk!!!!!

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