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bitburger premium beer

When the cap is pop?
An aroma of malt with some light alcohol smell.

bitburger premium beer

How’s the taste?
Light taste of better. Not much aroma. But quite refreshing. The bubble is quite fine. The beer come with 4.8% ABV, but not much after taste going after that.

bitburger premium beer

What’s the colour?
Clear transparent golden yellow.

How’s bottle the design?
Typical. Nothing much interesting.

Where to get?
I got it from Carrefour.

bitburger premium beer

My Opinion:
A beer with not much character. Not sure why, it kinda remind me of the China beer. I don’t fancy much of the beer, as I don’t find any after taste in it. Is a beer that you will drink for many many bottles. Maybe the bitter taste will goes well with salty food.

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