Carlton Draught

July 13, 2021 – 12:51 pm 2 Comments

carlton draught

When the cap is pop?
Light malty smell, with some sweetness.

carlton draught

How’s the taste?
The taste is very refreshing and  tasty, life sweetness with some sweet aroma on the palate. Have a small fine bubble. The taste of the beer is not that strong, very easy to drink. The beer did give some bitter end. CD come with 5% ABV. The more you drink, the better it goes. It goes some light sweetness in the after taste.

carlton draught

What’s the colour?
Crystal Brownish Yellow.

carlton draught

How’s bottle the design?
I like the label and the cap, nicely done.

Where to get?
My cousin got it for me from Australia

carlton draught

My Opinion:
I wish I’m in Australia now, it’s a nice beer. Not too over power yet very refreshing. Is nice to chill with this beer, even when it turn warm the taste is still there. Light after taste aroma in this that I like, it give a light malty sweetness to it.

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2 Responses to “Carlton Draught”

  1. boris Says:

    whoa you intrigue me with this beer XD

  2. kennhyn Says:

    I hope I can have somemore…

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