Baron’s Imperial Brew

September 15, 2020 – 8:39 am 2 Comments

European style lager, new product by the local brewery giant, APB. S$7.20, 633ml bottle @ 7.2% ABV.

Bought this for my father to try, sweet malty nose, clean and crisp mouthfeel, nothing much here. The finish is pretty much the same as what you get on the nose only much stronger and end with medicinal taste (hell… stronger than Tiger). No guts to finish it, took a mouthfull for the sake of review and left the rest to my father.

One thing I don’t understand is that why APB didn’t state ‘product of Singapore’ on the front label just like other brewery proudly did? All the while I had mistaken that Baron’s is from some European country (you can see the word EUROPEAN in the front). Not until I read the back of the bottle closer (and carefully, don’t miss out anything), it’s brewed and bottled by APB Singapore.

At 7.2% ABV, this is the elder brother of Tiger beer (5% ABV) and the younger of the Baron’s Strong Brew (8.8% ABV). Will I going to have a go on the Strong Brew? Will the medicinal aftertaste of Strong Brew is even stronger? Will the Strong Brew make me sick? God please give me more strength…

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2 Responses to “Baron’s Imperial Brew”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I love Baron’s Strong brrew, but they dont bring to malaysia anymore… :(

  2. kennhyn Says:

    You must be Jordan Phang that game developer minjie told me. We should meet up and drink one of this day. If u have any cool place to meet up, let us know, always a pleasure to find another beer lover….cheers!

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