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Budweiser Lager

September 8, 2020 – 8:36 am Comments Off
The famous American beer, bought at Carrefour Plaza Singapore during a family outing on Sunday. S$3.00, 330ml bottle @ 5.0% ABV

King of beers or the official sponsor of Beijing Olympic 2008? To be frank, it doens’t bother me much, taste matters the most !!!

Pale strawy colour, clean, light corn aroma, surprisingly round, mouth-filling sweetness on the palate, light-bodied, short and sweet finish, not much hops presents though.

The brewery uses rice as one of the ingredients on top of the usual. I guess this gave it the unusual ricey sweetness, is this a bad thing? IMO, not really because this reminds me of the ‘Mou Tai’ lager they used to brew in Brewerkz Singapore, it’s a shame that they don’t do that anymore, but of course the ricey aroma and flavour of ‘Mou Tai’ lager is much stronger than this and words can’t express how much I love it. I used to spend the whole afternoon at Brewerkz Riverside Point alone with a book and a jug of ‘Mou Tai’ lager (the more I drank, the blurrier the wordings on the book appears to me), damn miss it, I believe my colleague, Gavin felt the same too.

Pretty much negative comment I had heard about Budweiser, boring, bad metalic taste, falt aroma, no character… etc, well, who am I to deny the fact that most of the American love it? The same goes to Bourbon which generally considered sweet, not as delicate in aroma and flavour as compared to Scotch malt, but there are Bourdons that are highly prized by whisky connoisseur around the world.

However, there is something true about the comments. 1st, the metalic taste, I only get it from can, the trick is to get the bottles if you can and serve VERY chilled. 2nd, straight from taps or drafts seems too bland for me, again, get the bottles and serve straight from it and you will get good consistency.

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