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Chilling Beer Fast

November 9, 2020 – 10:25 am 1 Comment

I would said, most of us like to drink our beer chill. Some may drink it warm, but cold beer always make the day. 

The fastest way to chill big amount of beer is get a big bucket, throw in the beer then fill it up with ice. 

Add Water
Most people will prefer to add water to it. I prefer not to add water. I felt beer chill faster without adding water. Of course with water the contact surface are bigger yet the water warm up too fast too. 

Add Salt
Some said by adding salt the beer will cold faster. Officially I didn’t test this out. Scientifically it could be true. 

Is all depends how fast you drink and how many beer you put inside the bucket. If you able to to keep add ice and pour the water away then the beer will chill pretty fast. 

Which is your favourite method?

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One Response to “Chilling Beer Fast”

  1. ShaolinTiger Says:

    Wrapped in a wet paper towel in the freezer, can get it real cold in 15-20 minutes.

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