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Tasting Coffee…

November 4, 2020 – 10:58 am Comments Off

I just discover that I can drink coffee again, but not in big amount. Most stout this day have a very nice roasted coffee taste, so to learn more about this roasting flavour I decided to taste out coffee to see the different of the roasting flavour. 

Surprisingly, after the roast flavour, the after taste of the coffee have a lot of subtle taste. Range from tart fruity, sweet aroma, light earthy, young fruit raw and I did detect light raw egg yolk. I don’t know the right term for it. 

Of course coffee is kinda like beer, after few cups, coffee start to make me high. Not drunk but act kinda like one, talk louder, laugh more and even felt warm. 

I can understand why so many people like this drink. Once you hook to certain flavour, it became obvious that the craving of flavour will be there. Same like me and IPA. I’m hook to the citrusy bouquet and the pungent bitter of it. 

I will continue to try different coffee to get different taste from it. Hopefully I can find something nutty. 

 By the way, drinking nice cup of coffee is not cheap. Is like drinking craft beer yet smaller in volume. This 2 are actually quite similar. 

As for tasting, once you get use to it. Most tasting are the same. Finding flavour that you like is the part that make all tasting a pleasure. Cheers!

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