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Do You Stock Beer At Home?

October 27, 2020 – 10:20 am Comments Off

Yearly survey show that, most beer are sold on-trade rather then off-trade. On-trade means people drink at a bar, restaurant, pubs and kopitiam, while off-trade mean you buy it off the shelf and drink it at home, party or get together. 

Rough estimate of 70% of beers are consume on-trade and 30% off-trade. Most people will prefer to drink at an outlet rather then drink at home. Maybe is our culture, we don’t have a culture to consume alcohol at home, over a dinner or meal or while watching TV. 

Hence the off-trade numbers are not that big. I’m not too sure about other alcohol range, but I quite certain the numbers are quite the same.


Interestingly, younger local family are now more prompt to drinking at home. There’s a growing market of that as more young family are stuck at home taking care their young kids. So time to enjoy beer outside are limited hence the stocking up of beer. 

Do you stock up beers at home?

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