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Drink Cheap or Drink Better

October 21, 2020 – 10:30 am Comments Off

This is an age old question? Drink cheap doesn’t mean you drink all the commercial beer, the value of beer are tag at the price of the quality of beer. It could be expensive to some at the same time cheap to others. 

Most people will prefer to drink cheap, as that’s the way to go. Hence the market will normally throw in promotion to lure most of the consumer. Hence commercial become the cheaper bargain on the market. 

Is drink better mean drink more expensive beer? Most of the time yes, but also the quality of the product and the value you pay for. Drinking better beer, is a choice. Drink better can be compare by paying RM30 for a pint of Guinness Draught or paying RM30 for a glass of Weird Beer Millionaire Stout. By value Weird Beer Millionaire stout (MS) is a better choice, but by volume Guinness Draught (GD) is a better choice. In the above example, GD is expensive but the MS is value for money. Can you said drink cheap for drinking MS? Is up to your own interpretation. 

Many people haven’t discover the choices of beer they can get in KL. Hence most people think all the beer taste the same. 

Is still a long way for Malaysian to discover craft beer as it is too expensive for most to even to try. Yet surprisingly, Malaysia craft beers is cheaper or similar to our neighbouring country but the highest in tax. 

Well, is always consumer choices on how they spend on drinking? Drink cheap or drink better? You decide! Cheers!

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