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The 8 Beers Challenge

October 12, 2020 – 10:55 am No Comments

A while back, I started to do the 8 beers challenge! Since I have 8 draft beer in the bar, I decided to try how far I can go with it!  

So far I tried 3 times which each time bring a different result. To make counting easy, I always start with the first draft regardless of what beer is on draught, sadly most of my no.1 or no.8 always a high alcohol beer! IMG_3239.JPG

Each time the challenge have a different result. Each time I stop at 9 glasses of beer. The first time I stop because it was late, I felt I can push a bit more but decided to called it a night. It’s amazing that I still so rational.

The 2nd time is not so merciful. I can partly remember what happen. My staff told me I have 9 beers in total, after kacau some of my customer, did a one hand push up, fetching a customer to SS2 for frog porridge, riding my bike in the rain, really can’t recall much. I believe after the 5th beer, my mind and body is running on auto-mode while my soul have left my body. I have not much recall on what happen. I was piss drunk.


The 3rd encounter was much better, taking another 9 beers. Have a great night, good laugh with friends and just chill out! Again stop at night, didn’t want to push too hard as I know that the next beer I have will sure knock me out.

Drinking and counting is not fun, but drinking with great company making the challenge quite easy. Without realising, time goes faster, while still drinking at the same speed. The only advice is, don’t drink and drive if you have too many beers! Cheers!

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