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Converting To Craft Beers

May 25, 2021 – 10:50 am Comments Off


After almost 3 years doing craft beer shop in KL and the recently open craft beer bar. I notice that is not easy to convert a regular beer drinker to craft beers. There are 2 facts that I can’t easily change. 

1. Price Point
Craft beers price is always around 3-4 times the price someone would pay for a locally brewed beer. With extra cost from importi in the beer plus logistic the beer price skyrocket. hence a lot are not willing to drink craft beer at that price point. 

2. Branding
Many beer consumers will go for the brand rather then taste. We did many blind test before to see how many people able to guess out their favourite beer. The percentage are low. Most consumer will go with famous brand and not so willing to give an unknown brand a go. 

To my surprise, is easier to introduce a wine guy a craft beers then a beer drinker. I was pondering about this for a while. Then I guess I manage to find the answer. Coincidentally there are 2 facts to support this as well. 

1. Taste
Wine drinker normally will taste the wine a bit more in depth. Smell and taste become normal thing to do when they have the first sip. Looking at the colour, the lace and the swirl makes them aware of the wine character. Hence they practice that with craft beers too. 

2. Brands
The wine drinkers are not so brand conscious. Partly because, the fundamental are to taste and look at appearance. Sometimes a cheaper wine will taste better then the highly price wine. It be one a habit that they drink regardless of brand. 

Well, converting a wine drinker to love craft beer is not easy but for them to taste the beer is much more acceptable compare to a beer drinker. 

Is still a long way to introduce craft beer to the market. So to change people to try out craft beers, first we need to find ways to reduce the prices of the imported craft beers and secondly create a brand that people recognise and trust.

Well, creating a new market is always not easy but doesn’t mean it can’t be done! I’ll try my best to introduce craft beers to more drinkers! Cheers!


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