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Druggist @ 119 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore

May 20, 2021 – 1:35 pm Comments Off


Craft beers scene in Singapore have grown rapidly for this 2 years. From Good Beer Company, Brewers’ Craft, Smith Street Taps, Thirsty… One of the newer ones are Druggist! Open by the same people that runs The Great Experiment @ Pasar Bella, Singapore. 

They variants of Taps to choose from. 23 to be exact. Which is the most in Singapore when I visited during March 2015. Trust me, with that many selection on draft, is really spoil with choices!

The setup of the place is simple and clean. Have a touch of vintage Chinese setup and some modern elements to it. The place cosy with simple nice setup.   

There’s no beer menu here except the big board above the draft. To order you have to go to the counter. You can place your credit card there if you plan to have a running bill. You may want to order when the line is clear. As the selection on draft is big, some may take a while to make up their mind. 

The place is chill with nice air conditioning. As Singapore weather is just as bad as the Malaysian weather. I took a short walk from the MRT station. Chilling inside for sure is my preferred choice. 

Although the there’s no bar here, chill out at the short table is quite cool too. The room space between is table is spacious enough. I may be the one that are too loud most of the time. I like that when the place is pack up, it’s just filled with talking sound. 

They offer some snacks and bites too. I tried out the coffee pork ribs which is quite interesting. Roasted coffee aroma, nice sweet flavour and off the bones tender on the meat. 

You can order the food at the counter too. They have a simple selection to choose from. This is the place that easy to go in but hard to get out. Because I would stay on try as many beers as I can. Highly rcommanded. Try it out yourselves. Cheers!

119 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207547
04:00pm – 11:00pm (close on monday)
PHONE: +65 63415967

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