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Bar Snack: Cincalok or Cencaluk

May 19, 2021 – 11:05 am Comments Off



Cantina’s guys (Curbside Cantina, Modena Cantina, Popup Cantina) came up with a shrimp taco which it’s quite special. The salsa for the taco they add in Cincalok. 

Cincalok or Cencaluk is basically fermented shrimp, one of Melaka famous delicacy. Surprisingly a lot of younger generation of Malaysia don’t know what is it! I know this is a beer blog, I’m shock that how much Malaysia have lose it’s local food culture and heritage. 

Well, to my surprise, not only Cincalok works well with salsa it also compliment with some of the hoppy beer. The pungent of the Cincalok and the aroma of the floral hops paired well together. The bitter of the beer blend well with the salty like fishy of the Cincalok. 

If you are reading this blog and never try or heard of Cincalok before, it’s time to find out more and try it. Cheers, happy pairing!

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