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How The Great Beer Bar Begins?

May 18, 2021 – 10:56 am Comments Off

 Like all idea and concept, it always start somewhere. Well The Great Beer Bar starts from here (the above picture). A drunk chill out night with Yan (The one on the green bean bag). By the way, The Great Beer Bar is not a solo project.  It was after a heavy night of drinking, that the idea to expanding Ales & Lagers came to the topic.  

Ales & Lagers is a small place in Solaris Dutamas (Publika), within 2 years we have grow the customer base that becomes my good friends. Expanding the place always come to mind. 

To make it happen, it took us around 6 months to make it happen. Is not a roller coaster ride but a lot idea changes that bring forth this place. With a lot of help from friends  everywhere, including Singapore, Bangalore and States. James (white guy in the picture) help us to fixed up the draft system at The Great Beer Bar. 

The confident part was mostly given by customers that have been growing with Ales & Lagers. Maybe they wanted a bigger and nicer place to hang out. For me, is to bring more people to drink craft beers.  The Great Beer Bar was not the first name that pop into naming the bar. I wanted to called the place “W”, then craft place, hoppy bar, Ales & Lagers 2… End up we choose The Great Beer Bar. With that name came with big responsibility too. Can’t call a bar Great Beer and didn’t serve good beer to customers. 

Since open, we still learning to draft the beer correctly. Serve the beer on its optimum. Still learning the draft system to carbonate the beer correctly. We hope this bar will further bring more people to enjoy craft beers. Cheers!

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