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Lesson Learn: Keep Cool

May 13, 2021 – 10:15 am Comments Off


It was a grumpy day, was busy doing things at the bar and suddenly customer came and asked about any taster for the beer. We have a policy of no tasting for certain reason.

Customer: can I taste the beers?

Me: sorry, no tasting!

Customer: how come no tasting?

Me: what’s the point? (Lansi tone)

Then I can see his face change. At that moment I realise I lose a customer already. My arrogant tone have cause me to lose a customer. Grumpy rushing mode chirp me and took the best of me. Could have handle it way better. But because I lazy to explain hence I lose out.

Lesson learn, should have just give in and let him try. Is not really a big deal either way. Will improve on it! Fighting!

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