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Draft Or Bottle Beers

May 14, 2021 – 11:05 am Comments Off

 I’m a believer of taste and not going by saying draft beers are better then bottle beers. This are the common things I always heard from customers. Well there are no right or wrong answer to it. The actual fact is what type of body and flavour you going after. 
  I’m an advocate for taste. I do think that light beers goes nicer on draft especially lagers. They give a nicer crispier body then the bottle beer. On heavier beer like double IPA or imperial stout, I tend to like it more on bottles. Different gas also give different body to the beer. Example mixed gas of nitrogen + CO2 give a nice body to the dark beer. 
  I haven’t officially try IPAs on nitrogen gas yet, but I think it will be great for high ABV beer. I create draft beer at The Great Beer Bar because I think there are plenty of consumer perceive draft beers are better then bottles. I’ll try whatever method to get more people to try out craft beers and let them decide which are better. 
In the end, is up to each individual to decide bottle or draft beers are nicer. We can’t argue what you like or what you don’t like. Only you would know what’s your favourite taste be! Cheers!

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