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Is Been Awhile… Now I’m Back!

May 8, 2021 – 10:31 am 1 Comment

I have been missing from writing in this blog for quite a while after starting Ales & Lagers @ Solaris Dutamas. As I’m normally busy and didn’t explore much on the local beer event scene. I do miss hanging with all the familiar media friends and bloggers.

Most of the time, I focus most of my energy to bring craft beers to Malaysia so that more people can enjoy more beer style that the current market are offering.

It was quite a challenge but the reward were great. Able to get so many people to try out beers and create awareness to beer lovers about all this great beer are satisfying.

My tiny little shop will host Foodbeerlicious once a while (when we feel like it) for customer appreciation and have a great time together. We have see the little small place grow to a community.

During this period, I have travel to few countries around asian and checkout their craft beer places. Those are the places that inspired me to bring forth my next project!

At the start of this year, we started to search a spot for our craft beer place. Still tweaking on the concept. Taking inspiration from the places we like and fitting on ideas of what can we bring to the locals. End up we found a spot in Damansara Uptown (Utama).

Just like the spot in Publika, rather than we choose the spot I think the spot end up choosing us. You may asked Why open in PJ? Well, for few reasons.

First I try to avoid the place that near my current shop. Then, of course rental in top end area is out of my budget. Density of the area is good. Fourth, I stay not that far away. Haha. Overall, I still think the places chooses us more then we choose them. Sometimes when you walk in the place and you can feel the vibes. Hopefully my vibes is right. Finger cross.

Now the concept. Draft is the preferred choice. A bar must be a chill out place. A place to hang out with friends and meet new people. A place with good food/bar snacks. With this in mind we work up a concept of a cafe that serve beer!

So on 1 May 2015, “The Great Beer Bar” is officially open. With many friends, loyal customers from Ales & Lagers, relative, family and new walk-ins customer filled up the place!

This is hybrid bar, we have a beer bar + a beer shop for takeaways. Always changing draft beers and always changing food menu. So is always refreshing to come find something new in this place!

I know KP & Carl will read this, hence your picture are in there. Haha.

This is my new project to bring knowledge or more importantly taste to locals. Hopefully one day Malaysia will let us have our own microbrewery ;)

Come visit us!

The Great Beer Bar
86 Jalan SS21/62, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03 7731 5946
See you guys there!
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One Response to “Is Been Awhile… Now I’m Back!”

  1. KP Says:

    Hahahaha! I do read indeed!

    Congrats again for the opening of TGB, best no-fills beer shop!

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