Kirin 海珠啤酒-纯生

October 6, 2020 – 8:27 am No Comments

What’s the ingredient?
Water, quality wheat, hops

When the cap is pop?
Can smell of alcohol, strange thing is this beer only have 4% ABV

How’s the taste?
When the first sip it remind me of chocolate bitter with some sweet aroma. Very easy to drink, with very fine bubble. The beer is light but come with some flavour, The first sip also bring in a lot of fizzy feeling to your tongue. Almost no after taste leave behind, like you did have any beer before that, even the burp don’t have beer smell.

What’s the colour?
Crystal clear light yellow transparent.

How’s the design?
Nothing much on the bottle design. But with the chinese character it do stand out from the rest.

Where to get?
I got this in Cold Storage, Ikano. This is 330ml bottle.

My Opinion:
Sushi and light steam food will go nicely with this beer. Don’t have much character to cover up the fresh steam food.

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