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Same Beer Different Yeast

July 23, 2021 – 10:25 am Comments Off

I always know that different yeast will give the beer different taste and character. I’m glad that Brewdog did the Unleash The Yeast Series for people like me that lazy to brew to understand the yeast character a bit more.

So what Brewdog did was using the same mash but different yeast to produce the beer. The end result was quite amazing for me.


First stop is the pilsner, I was expecting it to be crispy and refreshing but it turn out quite pale and kinda look like an ale then a pilsner. Maybe the mash are not that suitable for the Pilsen yeast.


We try the American ale yeast next, does give a better character to the beer. More malty in taste and heavier in body. But may not able to tell much different from the Pilsen yeast.


Next I did the Belgian Trappist, which surprising very close to some of the saison character. The beer have that yeastie, light spice/herb character. It work quite well with the beer.


Then came the last one which is the Bavarian Weizen. It does give out a hint of the banana skin kind of oxidise character, remind me of wheat beer.

I have to say, same beer different yeast does tell a lot of story of the origin of the beer. That’s why most same category beers from different brewery may taste different. Not only from different ingredient. The brewers secret yeast formula will also bring forth a different depth to the beer.

Is very refreshing to able to try it out. Something I can learn a lot from. Cheers!

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