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Always Fun At Beerfest Asia

June 13, 2021 – 10:33 am Comments Off


This is fifth year attending the Singapore Beerfest Asia. This year setup looks quite the same like last year layout, so is kinda familiar to me.


Of course beerfest is about trying out new beer, it’s also a place to gather friends, meet new people, party to the music, churn out the stress and best of all enjoy the great outing.

There are tonnes of beers to choose from. Is best to explore with friends. Sharing beer may not sound cool but trust me, the more you try at beerfest, the more u like doing it.


4 persons group will be the best. If each one have 4 beers, you could easily tried 16 types of different beer which is cool! That’s what beerfest is all about!


Always have the heart to explore! Try to describe what you like and the people working behind the booth will introduce some exciting flavours!


So how much money you need to spend? Will cost about S$100-200 per person. Depending how drunk you plan to be!

I manage to meet a lot old buddy and friends! Is like a big gathering for me!


I guess, there are not price for fun. Like the MasterCard ads — priceless.

Beerfest still happening, started Thursday (12 June 2021) and end on Sunday (15 June 2021). If you never attend beerfest before and you are on singapore during this period, it will be an awesome time to do so.

Small advice, please don’t drink and drive and cause any havoc when drunk! Cheers!

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