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Beer I tasted in Singapore at Day 1 in 5 May 2021

May 6, 2021 – 1:07 am Comments Off


I just finish my fourth instalment of Foodbeerlicious at Ales & Lagers. And I have to rush down to Singapore for some important beer meeting. “Serious” ;)


First beer I tried is American style amber ale from Bear Republic called Red Rocket Ale. Most American amber have a light hoppy to them. This beer have that character too.


Next is a easy drinking pale ale from Bridge Road “Beechworth” Pale Ale. Which is quite easy to drink with pleasant taste and hoppy character.


Next stop Bone Yard from Australia, not that harsh and quite nice to drink.


Kaiju a double IPA that I quite enjoy with good note of after taste!


Next is Barrel Aged Double IPA that have lots of character but not easy to judge of the taste at start. Light cognac, good end of hops and some pretty good character after taste with some nice character.


Espresso Oaked Barrel Yeti is different style with lots of drinking characters. If you like coffee and plenty of roasted character this is the beer to try!


Lastly, speedway stout is one of my favourite imperial stout for its balance and character. Plenty of nice strong after taste with balance of coco and coffee character. Advice not to start with that!

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