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Drinking Beer Was Never This Interesting

April 24, 2021 – 10:50 am Comments Off


I didn’t realise that beer can be this interesting when we started Beerbeer 6 years ago. This year mark the 6th years Beerbeer has existed. 2 more weeks and we will be celebrating Beerbeer anniversary.

Beer are interesting because of the new taste and flavour that I kept discover. Different brewer masters and different ingredients have give birth to many style of beers that always excite. I may not like all the style but I still very much falling in love with new style of beer that keep popping up in the global market.


Of course when we started we didn’t know much except drink and get drunk. From there we hunting for different brands (still doing it today). Brewed our owned beer which don’t come out great. Met people in the industry that teach us a lot about the beer market, the appreciation, the food pairing and plenty more that relate to beer.

Looking back 6 years ago that not many people know about craft beers but today it’s a global trend around the world. Wish Malaysia craft beer scene can pick up much faster ;)

Well the journey of beer is one interesting ride that I’m more then happy to embark. May not have the enlightenment of finding the meaning of life but sure give a lot of looking forward for next found of the hidden gems of beer that I haven’t discover.


From bar exploration to this day bottle shop hunt for great beer may sound downgraded but is far more exciting then ever. Bar don’t seem to be that exciting anymore. Is like good concept don’t come out much lately. A great find at bottle shop bring more excitement to me ;) Hence my own bottle shop that still got plenty to improve on.

More and more beer geek out there searching for new beer. More people are embarking into the beer journey. What will happen this coming years? I’ll not know, but I’m sure it will be one interesting chapter coming soon! Get in the bandwagon and find joy in your beer quest! Cheers!

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