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The Advantages of Home Brewed Beer

April 7, 2021 – 10:20 am Comments Off

When me and my friends were younger and more naive (to be mild), we would go out every night to a different pub or club and waste ourselves from different combinations of alcoholic drinks. We did not really choose, but simply sipped into our bodies whatever we came across. However, it is true that the main drink both then and now was beer. And just like in those TV-commercials in which we can see people before and after various cosmetic and medical treatments, you should take a look at us and our beer taste then and today. Nowadays, we rarely go out, mainly due to deteriorated economic conditions,  but also because many of us have already got married and have children. Since our resources are quite narrowed down, we have to be witty and pragmatic. That is why a couple of us have started producing beer at home. And to be honest, this home-brewed beer has turned out to be tastier and of better quality than those well-known overpriced beer brands.

Less is more
The quality itself comes from the simple fact that we make beer only for ourselves. Since we do not chase high numbers and mass production, our beer is thicker, our ingredients (click here for more info) are sufficient and our pleasure is immense. In those places the established breweries save money and resources on account of watering down the quality for the sake of the amount they get, we have the freedom of shrinking the quantity but keeping the quality. The hops, the malt and the yeast are combined in a denser way and because of that our beer is usually more viscose and consequently leaves a better impression on our tongue sensors.

Hanging out while brewing
As people get middle-aged or old, they need more hobbies or any similar relaxing activities to unload the burden of everyday duties off of their minds. Some of us start fishing, some playing golf and some simply start making home beer. Since social contacts are decreasing as we enter the older age, home brewing is a perfect occasion for regular gatherings of old friends. Not only that you will learn a completely new skill, but you will also have a perfect excuse in front of your wives or families why you are not at home – you are going to taste your friend’s home brewed beer.

Constructive and healthy
Although alcohol generally has a really destructive effect on our health, producing your own beer will most probably keep you away from overdoing with it. As it has already been said at the beginning of this text, the shrunk budget that most often makes people launch home beer production usually dictates the amount of beer you will drink. Instead of wailing and cursing the damned life and its pointlessness, making your own beer will serve as a constructive psychological therapy and at the same time as a health keeper. Besides, you can even outgrow your brewing kitchen and become a more important player on the local beer market.

As time goes by, our habits and routines change. If earlier you used to overload your body with gallons of beer and damage your budget consequently, now it is time for you to come to your senses, make your own beer and enjoy the benefits of that noble process.

Guest post by Dan Radak who is passionate beer lover, especially home grown beer, he is also a web writer and co-author on several websites. In his free time he’s digging through web in search for best home brew supplies.

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