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Whenever I see or hear the word “Lightweight”, the first thing that comes to mind is the legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman. The 8 time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman has some very famous quotes like “Lightweight Baby”, “Yeah buddy” and “Ain’t nothing but a peanut”.  Watch his famous quotes here:

Being a bodybuilder myself, I frequently use these quotes in the gym and whenever I do my high intensity interval training. It kinda motivates me to squat heavier and sprint faster. But how could “Lightweight” be so related to drinking? Many might be left wondering but here’s a story…

I visited Ales & Lagers in November 2013 with great expectations but I was disappointed because apart from the Pannepot and Black Albert, they had nothing but “Lightweight” beers like the Revelation Cat California Moonset, Magic Hat HIPA and Brewdog Dead Pony Club. My definition of “Lightweight” is anything below DIPA or some say Double IPA or Imperial IPA.

"Lightweight" Beer

Not "Lightweight" Beer

During my visit on Sunday, 10th November 2013, I had 15 bottles of beer just for myself.  That’s how “Lightweight” it was.  I left the shop half sober even after paying my bills of over RM400.  Perhaps, a few sips of –ve ABV beer could’ve made me sober.  But I didn’t stop there.  I didn’t give up.  Being a dedicated drinker, as much as a dedicated deadlifter, myself and some other members of the notorious Whatsapp group, The Drunk Philosophy, continued pestering the founder and owner of Ales & Lagers to bring in more choices of not “Lightweight” beers. Days after days, weeks after weeks and the time came.

On the tenth day of year 2014, I made another visit to Ales & Lagers. I was there early and I wasted some data sending Whatsapp messages for the door to be opened.  I kicked off with a bottle of Brewdog Libertine Black Ale with a few pieces of good ol’ Texas fried chicken.  It was good but “Lightweight”. Moving forward, I had the Nogne Two Captains, Nogne Sunturnbrew, Eviltwin Lil’ B, a few sips of Brewdog Fake Lager, Eviltwin Lowlife, Eviltwin Yin & Yang and Brewdog Christmas Paradox 2012.

"Heavyassweight" Beer

Because Lil’ A Was Missing

Guess what?!  It was “Lightweight” in the beginning but I was drunk by the eighteenth hour of the day. I couldn’t finish the Bah Kut Teh I had at Yeoh’s and when I got back to the bottle shop, I was sipping water while waiting for a friend to continue the race.  I had the baton passed on and it wasn’t really “Lightweight” after all.

For the first time, in the craft beer history of Malaysia, Ales & Lagers have the best selections of not “Lightweight” beers.  I went back two days later and had more of these not “Lightweight” beers.   They have brought joy and satisfaction to my heart and they have pushed my limits and dedication in my drinking career.  With great dedication, one day, all of us can shout “Lightweight!” while we raise our drinking glass.  If I was Ronnie Coleman, I would say, “Everybody wants to be a drinker, but don’t nobody want to drink no heavyassweight beer!”


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  1. Subba Rao Says:

    Good one, hope the not lightweight beers will last for my next visit.

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