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Beer Is Not Just A Beer

December 12, 2020 – 4:46 pm Comments Off

For many people beer is just a beer, any beer will work. Just like I was once asked what is the best beer in the world? And the answer is “FREE BEER“. But upon people that explore beer in depth, they will seldom agree on this term. As the best beer in the world belong to individual liking.

We can argue for years before we came to a conclusion that which is the best beer in the world, but for me the answer is not really important. But is beer just a beer?

Having a craft beer shop is great as I can talk to customer and understand feedback direct from customer. To many first timer for them beer is just a beer, nothing can surprise them. I guess they are not wrong to think that way, as for most consumer – beer is just a liquid that can make them drunk.

As for me, beer is not just a beer. What beer you drink? How you drink it? Can actually tell your taste bud and how you enjoy the drinks. It does tell a bit of character of the person as well. I should not go in depth in this, as it would be called judging.

Beer is not just a beer because every beer are different and give different flavour. Not many will sit down and agree to their favourite beer, not counted for those that drank only 5 types of beer. For those have try more then 30 types of beer, to choose a favourite is kinda hard.

I wouldn’t say that beer is complicated, it meant to be a simple drink that best accompany with friends. That’s why beer have been the favourite choice of alcoholic drink in the world. If beer is just a beer, then we can’t convince much to the person who think that way. But if you willing to explore a bit on the beer, then beer can bring out some surprising character and style that you may eventually like.

Of course in theory, a lot of people drink just to get drunk. So for them beer is just a beer. The cheaper the better, weirdly when it come to the real situation many of beer drinkers actually think differently. Even though is the same brand on different bar, they will sometimes pay a bit extra for the same beer they think taste nicer on that bar. Maybe beer is not just a beer, maybe the consumer that I presume that beer are the same actually enjoy the taste of beer in their own liking. Maybe somewhere down there we are more beer expert then we know. Or maybe I’m wrong.

Is beer just a beer? I let you decide! Cheers!

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