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Meet With Mikkeller Brewmaster

October 21, 2020 – 3:35 pm Comments Off

Last Thursday, Taps Beer Bar host an event called “Meet the Brewer: Mikkel from Mikkeller!”. The brewmaster of Mikkeller – Mikkel Borg Bjergsø present at the event. No speech nothing, just most of the beer fan boy meeting him in person. I was suppose to have an interview with him before the event start, due to some bad planning I wasn’t able to make it in time.

Is nice to able to meet up the man behind the brand that I respect a lot. As I like a lot of their beer. From the casual chat, I learned that he is opening a Mikkeller bar in Thailand, opening sometime in December. Which I can’t wait to go there, as they will have around 30 taps to play with.

After some light conversation, decided to bring him nearby Taps beer bar to explore some street food. I brought him over to the secret Kuey Teow Soup place for him to try some comfort food after some drinks. Rather then just chat about beer, the conversation is more on the relationship between each brewmaster. I bet people asked him all the time about his beer, what is his inspiration and where he got his inspiration. So I decided to ask a bit unconventional question to make him don’t feel that bored.

He did said about brewing Riesling wine in Germany now. As wine is one of his favourite drink too. Can’t wait to try it out and see how the result goes. One of his craziest ingredient is Black Truffle which he spent USD8k just for that brew which end up with not much Truffle character in there. Craft beer scene is not big Malaysia, yet was happy to see so many people turn up to meet Mikkel in person and snap picture with. I bet he feel like a rockstar for a while.

There is saying, never trust a skinny brewmaster but honestly if someone can brew beer that good, who care if he is skinny or fat. Mikkel for sure earn my respect. He for sure one of the top brewer out there for daring to used or try different ingredient to create some of the most awesome beer out there. We will meet again soon in Thailand. Cheers!

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