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Beerfest Asia 2013 Has Begun

June 14, 2021 – 9:16 am Comments Off

My usual can not miss event which o come back year after year is the Singapore Beerfest Asia. This year the beerfest is from 13-16 June 2013. Like usual, I’ll find a lot of different beers that I never drank before. That make me very excited. Plus this year not only I go in as beerbeer, i also go in to hunt beers for Ales & Lagers. So making this year a two in one trip that I have 2 missions to accomplish. Get drunk while trying to figure what is good for my shop. Selection in this year beerfest is even more then last year. I even find more people attending the beerfest on the first compare to last year. Beside beers, this year they also add in a small tent of whisky and wine. The tent is nicely air condition which make drinking in this hot weather very pleasant. If you like some light game of fusball or ping pong, there is tent that can hang out and challenge your friends. There also 2 stages to entertaint you through out the night. Althought I prefer the smaller tent don’t have such loud music, but the crowd need the music to chill on with the beers. Every year I can see the crowd increase. I still wish more locals can come and grow the local beer industry. For the next 2 days, the place will be pack with even more people. Is best to come early to get an area to hang out with your friend. Can’t wait to go tonite to enjoy the adrenalin crowd of the full potential beerfest. See you there if you are in Beerfest Asia tonite. Cheers!

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