Hefe-Weissbier @ Paulaner Singapore

August 25, 2021 – 8:18 am 7 Comments

Since Kennhyn found a German style pub in KL, I’m thinking of introducing an all-time favourite of mine, Paulaner’s Hefe-weissbier. S$13+, +7% GST, +10% service tax, 500ml @ 5.5% ABV.

This is the only bottled beer in Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore, imported from Germany. By the way, they used to serve the 300ml bottle, then changed to 500ml suddenly, good for me !!!

Wonderful orangy-murky colour, lively and evenly spread. Intense citrusy aroma, zesty mouthfeel, medium-bodied with great depth, the lingering sweet clove and pamelo finish definately luring you for another gulp.
This is the beer that I will bath in it, my personal best for this wheat is 7 pints (less than 2 hours) in a memorable night. Well, 6 pints actually, because I broke one of the pint halfway, (yeah, most probably I was drunk already) I just love the feeling of licking the sweet rim formed around the mouth after 2-3 pints… Buy one get one on Sunday and Monday, 3pm to 8pm, anyone?  
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7 Responses to “Hefe-Weissbier @ Paulaner Singapore”

  1. kennhyn Says:

    I going down to try it this weekend…..at last!

  2. ahhup Says:

    waiting for u…

  3. Babe Says:

    This bier don’t have the bitter taste, goes very nicely with food. Love the taste but a bit expensive!

  4. twofish Says:

    i am so cheese off man. reading beerbeer and i am supposed to write for it and i kena puasa alcohol. oh my god…such tortureeee!

  5. kennhyn Says:

    be patient, you be start drinking soon!

  6. ronny Says:

    i and my uncle 72 years old drank this beer, he said ” now i’m drinking BEER” & and this is BEER

  7. kennhyn Says:

    Good to here he found his beer. Cheers!

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