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Guinness Anchor Berhad launches Malaysia’s first-ever Drink Sensibly mobile app

December 19, 2020 – 8:30 am Comments Off

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) launched Malaysia’s first-ever Drink Sensibly (DS) mobile application which was specially developed to to give consumers access to information and resources at their fingertips to help them drink sensibly and party safely.

With downloads available for IPhones and Android phones, the Drink Sensibly app or DS app, empowers consumers to make informed choices if they choose to drink alcohol. Also available is the web-based lite version of the app for Blackberry and feature phones.

The DS app boasts of six (6) features:
1. A Drinks Calculator: Helps one to keep track of standard drinks consumed
2. MyTeksi: Enables one to book a cab through the mobile phone
3. Dial an Angel: Connects one to their “angels”
4. Dial a Cabbie: Provides a list of telephone numbers of cab providers across Malaysia
5. DS Tips: Helps one to drink sensibly
6. DS website: Direct link to DS website which provides a host of Drink Sensibly information

GAB’s Corporate Relations and Legal Director, Ms Renuka Indrarajah said, “As the leading brewer in Malaysia, we take the lead in promoting sensible drinking. We are happy to take our efforts to the next level with the launch of the DS app.

“During this year-end festive season, we will be running a campaign to encourage our consumers to celebrate safely by using the DS app.”

She added, “Over the last three years, we have engaged with more than 30,000 consumers through our DS awareness activities and trained more than 5,000 front-line staff of outlets on sensible drinking and sensible serving.”

Drink Sensibly is a GAB initiated campaign launched in 2011. It is an integral part of GAB’s on-going programme to instill sensible drinking habits among employees, trade partners and consumers.

The Drink Sensibly campaign is premised on understanding and knowing one’s limits and aims to educate the public on the nature and effects of alcohol, importance of avoiding excessive consumption and not drinking under the wrong circumstances which includes not drinking and driving. Three pillars form the crux of the Drink Sensibly campaign: Learn, Take Control and Share.

For more information on the Drink Sensibly campaign, please visit

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