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1942 Dark Lager A Murrays Craft Brewing & Hunter Beer Co Collab Brew!

November 25, 2020 – 8:04 am 3 Comments

A special brew created for Newcastle Craft Beer week by two of Australia’s finest brewery’s Murray’s and Hunter Beer Co.  It no secret the favorite beer style here in the Hunter for generations is good ‘ol dark ale, described as mothers milk to some especially on tap! I’d like to think brewers Shaun Sherlock (Murray’s) and Keith Grice (Hunter Beer Co.) considered this fact when crafting this tasty brew for this beery week.

I got my growler/s filled at Murray’s Brewery here in Beaut Port Stephens Australia yesterday afternoon and didn’t even consider having a taste test as I am as many of you know now…… I am a massive fan of dark lagers and  have a lot of faith in these brewers to create something spectacular! And I tell ya they haven’t let me down at all!

Pours a sensational dark brown body with awesome creamy white head!  Served this abit colder than my regular ales due to the style.

On the nose a delightful hoppy aroma along with some malty notes- definitely the best of both breweries on showcase here! NZ hops come to mind and some chocky malts.Yum!

Going down very creamy head and quite a full body for a lager very satisfying almost like a porter style but with the drinkability of a lager  -Malty goodness followed by a somewhat subtle bitter dryish finish with a slight hoppy hit. Very refreshing— I likey!

I must say very well done to the Brewers on this special one off brew it really is that good! Keith’s passion for German style lagers and Shaun’s expertise in using New Zealand hops really is well displayed in this brew for the good people of Newcastle and visitors alike! Grab one while you can!



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3 Responses to “1942 Dark Lager A Murrays Craft Brewing & Hunter Beer Co Collab Brew!”

  1. Kennhyn Says:

    making me really want to try this beer… should get the growler container for my shop, look good for a beer shop

  2. ProperBeerMate Says:

    Growlers are awesome! They even have a smaller 1 litre version at warners at the bay called the squealer! I’ll help you set it up at ales and lagers if need be!

  3. kennhyn Says:

    I need to start gather more craft beer info of australia to put some good ones in my shop

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