Tsing Tao beer

June 15, 2021 – 8:09 am 6 Comments


Had this during a BT to Shen Zhen, China on April 2009.

The TsingTao made locally, in GuangDong province, ShenZhen City, Bao An. ~RMB 3, 330ml can @ >/= 4.0% ABV

Not sure why most of China produce beer have lower ABV, as compared to our’s. Even TsingTao imported to Singapore have 5% ABV.

Nose, rice fragrant, somebody cooking rice?

palate, maltier the Singapore’s, refreshing, mid-bodied (fuller-bodied than those available in SEA)

finish, hoppy and short, typical china beer.

personally felt that althought it had lower ABV then those imported into Singapore’s but doens’t mean that the flavour are the same too.


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6 Responses to “Tsing Tao beer”

  1. kennhyn Says:

    is china Tsingtao taste better then the one we can get here?

  2. ahhup Says:

    dude, this is only packed with 4% ABV compared to those 5% in our region, but the flavour is at least the same as what we have here, can try try if you are in China

  3. beerhunter Says:

    what is your view on China beer that is prepared using German brewing technology? besides Tsing Dao beer, have you come across any other China local beer that is brewed using the same technology? personally, I feel that Tsing Dao beer outperforms the other beer in the similar price range, such as Carlsberg, Heinneken, Stella, Tiger, Budweiser etc.

  4. kennhyn Says:

    is all ur own taste preference… some like it sweet and some like it crispy and some like light… as long as u enjoy ur beer

  5. helloworld Says:

    I was visiting Tsing Dao Factory and Muzeum at China ShanDong (山东) province.
    There are various type of beer under name of Tsing Dao. But only 1 type of beer (sometime with different packaging) export to South East Asia.

    I had tasted the fresh brew unfiltered beer in the factory which is so nice of the after taste. The after taste is similiar to fresh brew German Hefe-wise beer like what I had in Singapoer Paulaner.

    Yes, I felt someone was cooking :)

    Tsing Dao beer was using German technology since 1903.
    According to the factory admin, this fresh brew would not supply to other area, cause beer will expired in 2 days.

  6. kennhyn Says:

    all fresh beer is quite nice, too bad is not easy to send out.

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