Hoegaarden witbier

August 18, 2021 – 8:18 am 1 Comment

This has been one of my favourite wheat (Maggie’s too if I am not wrong) as far as I can remember. Around S$3+ for a 330ml and S$10+ for a 750ml @ 4.9% ABV, YES ! 750ml.

Cloudy pale gold colour, bready and zesty on the nose, reminds me of wheat bread with marmalade, coriander with light spices aroma, dried orange peel in the finish.

I went to Hong Kong on Dec 2006 and spend my chirtsmas there, visited a local pub with my HK cousin, Maggie, I was wondering about what to have, in the end decided to go along with Maggie on a pint of Hoegaarden, were stunted by a question from the waiter, ‘lime or lemon wedge in your hoegaarden?’ Didn’t really know how to answer that, since Maggie is having a lemon, I decided to go for a lime. Well, this is first to me as I always have my beers served chilled without anything, except for Corona (with a lime wedge of course). How’s the taste turn out? Well, it gave the beer a sweeter mouthfeel and slightly more depth in the finish.

Gulping Hoegaarden in an outdoor pub with 10+ degree Celcius temperature with Maggie is certainly an unforgetable Hong Kong’s night for me !

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  1. kennhyn Says:

    I never try it with lemon before. But the draught is even better, I’ll go and try the ziss of lemon into the drink.

    By the way drinking anywhere in the world with 10+ weather, it will be memorable to me, just like the time I drink in New Zealand.

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