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Amstel Bier

August 31, 2021 – 12:34 pm Comments Off

Thanks to Wei Siang, I managed to try the Amstel beer I missed out when I was in Europe the last time.  Came a long way back from Amsterdam.

I was so excited about it… so here is what happened…

When I opened the can up – I waited for the aroma, but found none – and yes my nose was working fine.

The design – was simple and probably something to reflect where they come from AMSTErdam – 5% alcohol

Poured it – into a draft glass and it was golden yellow with almost no head.  I did some research and found out that the beer had light carbonation and normally does not have a nice head.  The bubbles were also not many and coarse

Nose – Still had nothing in the glass so I just drank it.

When I tasted it – it made me realise that this beer really tasted like how I smelled it… there was no taste to it… either that or I was having a really bad day.  Alcohol taste was also not evident… could it be the journey back

Conclusion – who says beer is not like water.  I think some girls would enjoy this non-bitter beer.

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