YanJing 12ºP Extra Beer

August 11, 2021 – 8:17 am No Comments

What’s the ingredient?
Malt, mineral water and hops.

When the cap is pop?
Smell a bit like rice water light ascend aroma.

How’s the taste?
Light body with light aroma. Not much of bitter taste, a blend light sweet and bitter mix of after taste linger in the mouth. Very smooth, with 4.3 ABV that explain the smooth easy thirst crunching feel. Can see rough bubble floating up unevenly. Not much volume and character in the beer. I don’t know why it remains me of shandy.

What’s the colour?
The beer have a clear yellow golden colour. crystal clear transparent. 

How’s the design?
The transparent bottle got nothing to shout about, is just a typical china made soy sauce bottle style. 

Where it from?
This beer come from Beijing, China.

Where to get?
I got this in Cold Storage in the Curve. It come also in can, the one I buy is the 630ml bottle. 

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