Bintang Beer

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Twice i went to Indonesia and I still prefer Bintang beer, their local brewed pils, over Bali Hai. Bintang is produced by Multi Bintang, an subsidiary of Heineken.
The moment landed and drop off the backpacks, off we go searching for our needed drink and its everywhere to be found, in Mini marts, Circle K, bars and restaurant.

Bintang Beer

This 5%abv pilsner has a malt and hop flavor and waterly taste, excellent thirst quencher, especially in the steamy hot afternoon in Bali or lounging in a hammock in the blazing sunny beach.

If you were in the bars or restaurant, usually, they will serve you with peanuts, any spicy food or BBQ can go along well. It can be drink as it is chilled icy cold, as Bintang ain’t any particular distinctive in flavor.

It’s cheap to get at Circle K, or any other mini mart, around 12K IDR for large bottle, or the cheapest we could find is at Agung Bali bar for 17K IDR for whole day and night! some place have happy hour going as cheap as 14~15K IDR, but sadly, happy hour ends at 7pm, but Agung Bali rocks!

Bintang Beer

Minum dengan bertanggungjawab dan Selamat minum! Cheers Bintang!

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